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Bush comments in public over BULGE in jacket

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//// Today, October 26 President Bush made his first public comment over the BULGE in his jacket. /////

Another "badly tailored" story?

On October 26 President Bush made his first public comment over the BULGE in his jacket:

"Well, you know, Karen Hughes and Dan Bartlett had rigged up a sound system"

"You are getting in trouble," responded host Charles Gibson.

"I don't know what that is," Bush said. "I mean, it is - I'm embarrassed to say it's a poorly tailored shirt."

The Bush campaign laughed off the speculation when it first blossomed and then cropped up in news stories like this one.

................................ It was a suit, now its a shirt. ................................

Bush's comment contradicts the widely quoted account of White House chief of staff Andrew Card Jr. right after the debates:

"it was just a poorly tailored suit"

Georges de Paris has been a Presidential tailor for a long time. Why is he insisting it was nothing and is being quoted?

" The same thing will happen anytime you cross your arms like Bush did," de Paris said. "It causes the back of the jacket to pucker along the seam." "

There is a pucker in that picture, true. But why does this so called "pucker" also appear when Bush's arms are not folded?

The election is just around the corner. Will someone in the media please ask the Bush administration what was under his suit tie?

--Tie? Read below:

Same story from another angle:

There is another side to this story. Was there a wire behind that tie?

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The video shows what has been called over other Internet sites as a "solid dark line". It seems like a wire. This has not been added to the story.


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