Strength meter : which to buy

I need a strength meter. I couldn't find a good review of any. Must be for 802 a b g linksys router. Thanks i'm sure this question has been asked before. One the scretary ask me to solve this problem.

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Drew Cutter
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Unless you have some reason that it has to be specific for a Linksys device (and I can not think of any reason), then any monitoring device that can monitor WiFi channels will work.

The problem any consumer equipment is that the "signal strength" is really a measurement of the "signal to noise ratio", unless you have an older Orinco card that actually has a signal strength output.

First choice would be the $200 Wi Spy, followed by the $400 Wi-Spy s.

4x. These are USB devices.
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Next would be several of the BV Systems products.
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start at around $500 not including the HP iPAQ PocketPC.

Finally you have the $10,000 - $30,000 products.

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