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Great. Another 254 pages... but what a useful tutorial!

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Thanks for the links. I just got 2 Linksys SPA942 phones and using a hosted IP PBX pending the downsizing of my business and moving the office back to the home. I am finding out that Voip is new animal to understand and work with, but I am looking forward to it.


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Don Harvey

Don, I know what you mean there. I just got mine working today. I've read the SIP material and it is exciting where this is going. I can take my tiny little Linksys SPA2102 to any broadband connection and have my office phone work. When I go to Hawaii, I will just tuck it in my pocket and plug it into the hotel's system. I tested it here in Vancouver, BC on three different systems and it worked every time.

The best whitepaper if found on that site was the Mitel Whitepaper on SIP. It is really going to level the playing field for us little guys.


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Rangefire Wireless

Ah, that is exactly why I found Voip exciting also. I can take the phone to the beach for a few days this winter, get out of the cold Kansas City weather, and still run the business on a reduced scale.

Tested the phone on 3 different broadband connections and it worked flawless on each.

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