DHCP & 802.1x tutorial

hi - Looking for info on how a secure network might be deployed when moving from desktops to laptops in a financial environment.

I was wondering how a device obtains an IP address when looking at a 802.1x environment ?

Does the client merely wait for all the EAP protocol exchanges to complete and then it issues a DHCP request ?

If it doesn't have an IP address, how is it communicating ? I'm guessing it would be MAC to MAC with the local switch, until such time it is assigned an IP address.

Is there a paper I can see that lays out all the basic exchanges until the client is actually up and running ?

Any other secure solutions that don't require talking to a Radius server ?

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not a good idea when you have sensitive information, i suggest you use vpn over the wireless connections.



this is a start:

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the access-point can have a local user list to authenticate, there is also freeradius

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What about this option do you think is more secure than WPA2 with dot1x? VPN over wireless used to be the only good option but wireless security has come a long way.

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