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My wireless router (US Robotics MAXg) has a log that (unless I have missed something) shows only the last few connection events. However, it has a system log facility that can send events to a computer at a designated IP address that is running a "syslog utility". Is this how I could see what connection activity has occurred over, say, the last week? If so, what is a "syslog utility"? Do I need special software and if so what is available free or cheap? Or is this really for corporate networks with a server, rather than a home network? Also, as I would need to specify the computer's IP address, am I correct in thinking that this would need to be fixed rather than assigned by DHCP?

You will gather that I am a novice in this area! So any information or advice is welcome.

Thanks, Stephen

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Look at, it's free. You need to point your router to the ip address of the pc running syslog. My dhcp is set to give the same ip address to the pc's.

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gene martinez

Wallwatcher (free) may work with you're router. You can also contact the Wallwatcher author and he can possibly set Wallwatcher to work with the syslog that your router produces. Wallwatcher works with many barnd name routers. And there is also Kiwi Syslog software. However, the free one is limited as to how much data will be kept by Kiwi (none) and has no report features to speak of unless you buy the licensed version and you have to make the reports yourself with some kind of reporting tool you would use and dump the log to a database like Access or SQL Server using something like Crystal Reports. WW does all of this with back reporting the whole nine yards.

Duane :)

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