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Hi all... I have been using my Tranzeo 900 MHZ wireless for internet and Voip service for a while now (six months). It's been working great.

I was able to move it from my wireless system in my shop to my Telus ADSL system in my house without issue until a few days ago.

Is is possible for Telus (my local telco) to block ports 5060 and

5061? (I tested the voip modem on three other systems and it works fine)

If so, is there a sure fired way I can tell? Ie... doing a port probe from

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? Is that a better way? I want to nail this telco if they are doing this.


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Sure fire? Well, that means avoiding 3rd party tools. Setup your unspecified VoIP router on your Telus DSL. Record your WAN IP address. Try to telnet to your IP address on 5060 or 5061 from a laptop on your on your local LAN using: telnet 5060 and note the messages. If open, it should let you connect, but nothing will happen.

Now, go to the neighbors DSL connection and do the same thing. It should work the same way. If it refuses to connect, you'll get some kind of error messages.

"Nailing" religious prophets and telcos have been notoriously ineffective. They have lawyers and religion. You don't.

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