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Does anybody know of an other-than-trial-and-error method of maximizing signal strength for a wireless router. The only choices I can think of is getting a larger antenna (it's a Linksys router, for which I've seen add-on antennas) and, maybe, playing around with orientation of the antennas. That leaves changing the channel, which was set, by default, I guess, to six. One of the remote computers shows "low" signal strength, while the other, about

10 feet closer to the wireless router, does not show "low" signal strength.
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Catin Dehat
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If the signal is there, but just not strong enough, some free reflectors might be enough to make a big difference.

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EZ-12. A single one on my Netgear:
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A windsurfer reflector on one of my linksys antennas worked well for me as well.

Also follow the usual steps to improve performance. Raise the the router to chest height (for single story dwellings) and keep it about 2' away from any walls.

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If it is an older Linksys G Router the firmware hacks allow for increased signal strength. This may be of some help. Also router placement as well as leaving the router in an unblocked area may be of help. An idiot I know had the router in the basement in a furnace room ( metal pipes) , under a metal desk. As well the room was used as an office with a number of full metal filing cabinets blocking the signal. Funny part was that he insisted that the laptop worked great upstairs but not in the basement. Turned out there were 4 signals coming from neighbours - all open , all on default channel 6 . That is what he was receiving not his own sheletered signal. So much for never admitting you can be wrong.

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