No stable 54Mbit/sec anymore,also low signal for no reason at all

My PC is connected to the internet and through it wirelessly another PC,a laptop,a Wii console,a PSP and a DS.So,lottsa wireless in the house.I have my PC act as a AP with a Gigabyte GN-WPKG (PCI,54Mbit).

Anyway,problem is for no particular reason,my AP is not running at a stable 54Mbit/sec anymore,and can get pretty low,even below 10Mbit/sec. This speed changes frequently,and quite randomly,from a few seconds to a minute.

Furthermore,the signal strength has become so weak,that e.g. the Wii console can no longer easily scan it,and I have to get my PSP or DS exactly next to the wireless card just to get a 50%-70% signal strength.

Can anybody tell me what went wrong and what can I do to fix that? Thanks in advance.

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