no direct line of sight wifi

Thanks in advance for any helpful answers, all info is in attachment.
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Un-helpful questions:
1. I suggest you REDUCE your transmit power to something that is about the same as the wireless router to which you're trying to connect. At 1 watt and with a parabolic dish antenna, you are probably well over FCC and international EIRP limits.
2. If you're posting a JPG or PNG of your question so that it's not searchable by Google or the FCC, I want no part of whatever you're trying to accomplish, which I suspect is connect to someone else's internet connection without permission.
3. Your homemade dish with the long omni antenna is likely a bad design. Low gain antennas are easy. High gain antennas are tricky and need to be calculated and properly tested. Without proper RF test equipment, you are unlikely to design and build anything that works. A proper dish antenna uses a fairly low gain but directional feed antenna to illuminate the entire dish antenna. Using a high gain antenna as a feed will only illuminate a small part of a dish. In transmit, such an omni feed antenna will spray RF in many directions EXCEPT onto the dish, or will cover only a small part of the dish, drastically reducing the transmit gain.
4. Your PNG image lacks any usable numbers from which to do a path loss calculation. If you really want an answer or sanity check, kindly supply: - Equipment list at both ends - Description and gain of the endpoint antennas - Length and type of coaxial cable (if any) to the dish - Distances involved - Height of path (for Fresnel Zone calculations) - Approximate size of the steel door reflector - 2.4 or 5 GHz?
5. If you want to run your own calculations, grind the path loss numbers for between the dish and the steel door, use the result to calculate a 2nd path between the steel door and that wireless router. I posted an example many years ago in this newsgroup, but can't seem to find it. Here's an example of a single hop calculation:
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'll try again later to find a better example.
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Jeff Liebermann
Jeff Liebermann wrote in news:
Well your ASSumption is that I am in the USA and subject to that (another) corrupt agency of the corrupt U.S. Gov. I am not. Yeah Trump!
Better run and hide then.
It's working well even bounced off a steel door at about a 45 degree angle. I THOUGHT it was my antennas but it turns out it's probably an ISP problem. They were out working on the lines but they are morons of the worst ISP here in this crap Country.
You always make things too over complicated. As it turns out it probably has nothing to do with my antennas and your overly complicated calculations. It's the crap ISP.
Thanks for answering. Don't make so many ASSumptions cuz you know what that means. And don't accuse people you don't know of STEALING when you have no evidence of that. I am not stealing the connection is done with the main ISP account's owner.
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wU56ficJ> I'll try again later to find a better example.
For once the know it all has nothing to say....
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