NEWS: Sprint to outsource network operations

Sprint has confirmed it will outsource the running of its US CDMA network to Ericsson, but is keeping WiMAX to itself while admitting that all its PDA-class devices will be able to fall back on Wi-Fi when all else fails.

The outsourcing agreement involves transferring 6,000 staff to Ericsson, who will take responsibility for the day-to-day running of Sprint's CDMA, iDEN and wired networks for the next seven years - at a cost slightly south of $5bn - while Sprint tries to migrate the users onto its WiMAX network.


Bottom line is that Sprint's condition is getting increasingly desperate.

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John Navas
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How do you come to that conclusion?

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I can't speak for him but it usually seems to be the order of progression when a business is circling the rim. First customers run away in droves and new ones are few, next the CEO or president appears in commercials begging for business. Next they realize they can't manage what they have so instead of figuring out how to manage they outsource operations that they should be managing thinking it will somehow be better or less expensive (it usually isn't).

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George wrote in news:h3cl8o$2gi$ snipped-for-privacy@news.eternal-

But what is being done here is something that most of the big non-US carriers have been doing for years.

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John Blutarsky

Maybe something makes it different? At least in the US loss of customers, CEO begging for customers and massive outsourcing typically means prepare for the funeral.

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It seems that Ericsson is managing networks for other people around the world.

Here's a link to an article mentioning both that,and other carriers around the world who are outsourcing management of their networks.

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So, what Sprint is doing is not unusual at all.

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