Netstumbler: GPS Listening But No Latitude/Longitude.


I am using Netstumbler on Windows XP with an EverMore GM-R700 GPS Receiver.

I 99% sure that I have all of the settings correct as follows:

Protocol: NMEA 0183

9600 Baud rate 8 data bits 1 stop bit No parity Port: Com 4

I run Netstumbler and I see active Access Points etc, and it reports 'GPS: Listening' but it never returns any latitude / longitude.

This is the first time I've used the GPS Receiver and I understand the 'cold start' concept but I've left it running for WAY longer than I should have to and... nothing.

What might I be doing wrong? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Ahhhh, it would appear the baud rate was wrong. Changing it to 4800 seemed to do the trick.

Problem solved.

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