Netstumbler gaps

I'm looking at the Netstumbler response graphs for one of my Netgear MR814v2 routers and I see many gaps in the response where the signal level drops from -45 dBm to -85 dBm. The gaps last for a second or two and then the signal looks fine for a few seconds. The pattern (not perfectly periodic - the time at strong signal varies from about a second to 5 seconds) doesn't seem to clear up no matter how long I let the router run. Netstumbler shows a purple line indicating loss of connectivity at the start of each gap. The gaps don't disappear even when I put the client radio right next to the router. I tried resetting the router and also disconnecting everything from both the WAN and LAN ports and it still did the same thing. I ran a speed test at dslreports while connected to the net through the router and my speed is fine (almost 5 Mbps). The gaps, if they are real, don't seem to be affecting performance. I took a look at the signal from another identical MR814v2 router using the same client radio and I don't get the gaps. Any ideas on why this is happening?

Thanks, Bruce

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