Linksys WRT54G Security

Have just installed a new WRT54G, using it in Mixed mode (cable and Wireless), have selected WEP 64 bits 10 hex digits security and the box is able to successfully talk to my Wi-fi phone (UTStarcom via Vonage) without any problems.

Question how secure is the setup, should I be using another settings or is this configuration considered safe from intruder attack?


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You should be using WPA instead of WEP. If you can't use WEP 128.

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WEP 128 can be cracked almost as easily as WEP 40/64. Use WPA.

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John Navas

If I have one device that only supports WEP, can I somehow set things up so that everything else uses WPA, but this one device?

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Jon Nadelberg

Most APs won't support this kind of thing, you'll either need a separate AP with sufficient router isolation that you can leave it essentially unprotected, or a more modern device that supports WPA.

I've got a separate AP set up on a different public IP with an SSID of "public", but that's not easy for everyone to do. 8*)

Supposedly the Linksys WAP54GP does this with VLANs, and while I have a couple of them to install, I haven't done it yet, and can't tell you how easy it is to set up.

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William P.N. Smith
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Won't help, since that still leaves the (WEP) door open, and many (most?) low-end access points can't do that anyway. Strongly advise upgrading that one device.

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