Linksys Alchemy firmware question


Can I use on this Linksys WRT54G if the current version on the router is v4.00.7?

If not, what can I use?

Thank you.


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You will need to determine your hardware version before proceeding. See supported hardware list at:

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proclaims Alchemy 1.0 support for: WRT54G v1.0 v1.1 v2.0 v2.2 v3.0 & WRT54GS v1.0 v1.1 v2.0

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Jeff Liebermann

Almost certainly you can, given that as far as I know Alchemy-V1.0 will run on any WRT54G that Linksys Beta v4.00.7 will. I'm not as sure about the WRT54GS though, so make sure which you actually have.

Here is some useful info to help identify your particular WRT54G. You can find the serial number, and there should be a version number too, on the bottom of the unit.

WRT54G Models:

Serial NO. Hardware Starts With Version Chipset =========== ======== ======= CDF0 v1.0 ADM6996L CDF1 v1.0 ADM6996L CDF2 v1.1 ADM6996L CDF3 v1.1 ADM6996L CDF5 v2.0 ADM6996L CDF7 v2.2 BCM5325EKQM CDF8 v3.0 BCM5325EKQM

WRT54GS Models

Serial NO. Hardware Starts With Version Chipset =========== ======== ======= CGN0 v1.0 ADM6996L CGN1 v1.0 ADM6996L CGN2 v1.1 BCM5325EKQM CGN3 v2.0 BCM5325EKQM

With a WRT54G, almost any of the various firmwares available. HyperWRT, DD-WRT, Satori, Alchemy and Talismen are all general purpose packages with significant feature additions not available with the Linksys firmware. Satori is the oldest release and has the fewest features; however, it is also probably the most stable and the least "tampered with", so if you don't need more than the simple things like being able to telnet in, it is perhaps the best.

The most featureful seems to be DD-WRT, which has significantly more work done on enabling a variety of network features. However it is also the least stable of the bunch because it is a work very much in progress. However, if you only use the older feature set, it probably is not different than Talismen.

Note that Sveasoft produced, in order, Satori, Alchemy and Talismen. And DD-WRT's early versions are based on Alchemy and more recent versions are based on Talismen. HyperWRT, like Satori, is based on the source code distribution from Linksys.

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Floyd L. Davidson

You guys are great.


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