I am looking at a USR 5436 Wireless USB print server to run on a WPA2 Personal network. The USR 5436 data sheet

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states that it supports "WiFi Protected Access (WPA-PSK)". Will this run on a WPA2 Personal network?


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Todd and Margo Chester
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On Thu, 29 Jun 2006 11:27:49 -0700, Todd and Margo Chester wrote in :

WPA2 is different from WPA-PSK.

WPA2-certified wireless equipment is also compatible with WPA and WEP. You can have a mixture or WPA2, WPA, and WEP wireless devices operating in the same environment. That said, you need to make sure that your wireless access point or router can support WPA and WPA2 at the same time; otherwise, you would have to downgrade your network to WPA.

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John Navas

That's true, but from a purely security standpoint, isn't WPA using AES encryption virtually identical to WPA2?

I'm not saying interchangeable, just functionally equal.

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Always Thinkin'

On 1 Jul 2006 03:33:52 -0000, Always Thinkin' wrote in :


WPA2 is the certified form of IEEE 802.11i tested by the Wi-Fi Alliance. WPA2 implements the mandatory elements of 802.11i. In particular, the Michael algorithm is replaced by a message authentication code, CCMP, that is considered fully secure and RC4 is replaced by AES. ...

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