Is this possible?

I am on a dedicated server @ my hosting company. It has a iptables firewall running on it. It has 1 ethernet interface that has 8 ip's on it. I need dedicated ips for the secure certs. This is currently hosting 5 websites all static ip.

I am thinking about building & co-locating a new dual proc server(also has dual gigE ports). They have offered 4U space and (1) ethernet drop. The server is 2U so I would like to use another 1U unit as a firewall and email server and place it between the internet and my new colo server. For the life of me I can't figure out how to do.

I don't know how to pass thru to the new server. Everything I tested comes up as one (1) address on the local side

Something makes me think that this is not possible?

Any Help is appreciated.

Totally Confused!

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Charlie White
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Go with a layer 2 transparent firewall, a great firewall that can do layer 2 transparency is the Cisco ASA. Run both servers inside with public IP's on them.

1U email server 1U ASA 2U Web server
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