is it free open the wi fi in european airports?


I plan to travel often in European Airports like ( Madrid, Rome ) etc

I noticed there are wi fi areas.

With my laptop can I connect ti these wi fi areas? is it free? I need access ?

how do I get access ?



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Probably not free.

Connect to the network Browse in your browser and if it's not free, you'll be presented with a sign up page where you spend money.


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David Taylor

Funny one, not on the subject here, but sort of related. I'm in the airport in Manchester, NH stuck waiting for a delayed flight. I fire up the Laptop and am confronted with the pay to play on the airport wireless. Well, it isn't worth it to me that day so I sort say OK and don't bother, other things to do on the computer. While staring into space I see the famous orange female RJ connector on a pole (holding up the roof- between gate seating areas). Being a little reckless (foolish many could fairly say) I yank a wire out of my back pack and look to see if the post is hot. Bingo free Internet access and best of all a power outlet as well a few inches away so got to save battery for the flight. So much for homeland security, I didn't try to snoop the network there, trying to be a good boy, but sure did seem open if I could get an IP from whatever DHCP server was going and get to the Internet. This has been several weeks and no visit from the FBI so I assume no one actually cared. But I still wonder if someone of a less then 'honest' bent had jacked into the same port?

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Wow. In the two airports I frequent most, Toronto & Halifax NS, I can rarely even find a power outlet!

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Derek Broughton

Maybe they use wireless power?

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