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I'm using wireless connection for my broadband.Aztech 600EW.Other computer can connect except mine.I have 2 laptop, one using build in wireless and the other one using wireless card.when i do ipconfig, both i'll get ip 169.x.x.x. I already restart the computer.try to enable and disable the wireless connection but still the same. :(

please help ME !!!!

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You'll get an IP in the address range if your PC is configured to require an IP address from DHCP and it cannot contact a server.

If you have other machines working as expected, and they also use DHCP to obtain their IP addresses, then it's likely your SID and/or WEP/WPA key are incorrect on your two "faulty" machines.


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Chris Davies

You have a mis-configuration between the card and the router on the wireless. The 169.x.x.x IP means that the O/S could not get an IP from the DHCP server on the router, due to some kind of mis-configuration.

You need to call tech support for the wireless card and let them help you make the configuration of the wireless card, so that card can connect to the router and get a DHCP IP from the router.

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Mr. Arnold

What Chris Davies said. It's the wrong key or the configuration on the two laptops.


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Chris Davies hath wroth:

If you're using a WEP key, there's a common problem in the ASCII to Hex key conversion routine. Different vendors have different ideas on how to do the conversion. If you're using WEP, use the Hex key, not the ASCII key and it will work.

However, if you're using WEP encryption, be advised that WEP security absolutely sucks and has been replaced by WPA and WPA2 encryption. I strongly suggest you change to one of these.

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Jeff Liebermann

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