Installing antenna on internal wireless MiniPCI card

I have a used HP Pavilion ZE4610 with an internal IBM High Rate LAN Wireless Combo Card. The problem was that I was experiencing some problems with range. With help from Jeff Liebermann it was discovered to be disconnected antennae. However from what I can see (by only removing the 3"x3" panel on the bottom) there are no antennae at all. I want to see how likely it is to install these myself or learn how to dismantle in order to see if they are there but held up somewhere. Any help would be appreciated. Basically, I am seeing if it is worth the effort of dissection or if I should take the external card route.

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Rory Deol
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Go to HP support for the manual or use the link that Jeff gave you on your previous topic. Read it over to see if you are up for disassembly. It's usually kinda fun, but precise in places.

Search on google for "antenna + your model". Search on ebay for same. Find a forum for HP laptops and ask there too.

I would do it. Since you already have the card installed and working, any antenna will be cheap and useful.

Cheers, Steve

PS. While it's open, I would also search the FRU shown on the card (or other info) to be certain what I have for driver downloads.

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On 28 Nov 2006 09:08:51 -0800, "seaweedsteve" wrote in :

There are small generic laptop Wi-Fi antennas on eBay that will work reasonably well without major disassembly.

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