Inconsistent Connection...Help Please

Okay this is the wireless network was working perfectly, It was very consistent, took a very short time to open pages, didn't have any lag whatsoever on Warcraft 3 or other games, then all of a sudden one day it starts lagging and being very inconsistent. One minute it opens a page very fast, the next minute its having trouble opening pages, takeing more than 20 seconds. The speed goes from 54mps down to 1 constantly.

I have at&t dsl and I tried switching routers. I switched from a linksys to a

2wire, but it didn't fix anything.

Here's the thing...the wireless connection of my laptop works perfectly fine when I go to my friends house, and when my friend comes with his laptop to my house and uses my connection, it works perfectly fine.

Someone please give me something difinitive to try.

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