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>Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2018 05:00:19 -0500 >From: Bill Horne >Subject: [telecom] Everything you need to know about Wi-Fi calling > >Curious about Wi-Fi calling and what it entails? Here's the rundown on >what you need to know. > >BY Lynn La > >On Wednesday, Google announced that Google Fi, previously known as >Project Fi, will be expanding to iPhones, Samsung and OnePlus >phones. For a service that was once compatible with only a handful of >Android phones, this is a notable development for the company's Wi-Fi >first network. > >But making a Wi-Fi call on a phone is nothing new. The ability to >patch a call using a Wi-Fi connection instead of a cellular one has >been around for years, with Skype being one of oldest and most popular >apps to do so. > >
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Well, every time I try to bring up this story I get a 404 message.

Would have liked to read it.

Perhaps someone can give me some information.

I am looking to replace my cellular flip phone with a WiFi only VOIP phone that is compatible with Callcentric.

I need it to be as compact and as easy to use as my Kyocera. It must be rechargeable with a generic [not a proprietary] USB [four port 50 watt] charger.

I will carry it with me and use it at public WiFi points. Some of those WiFi points are encrypted security so it must be able to handle that.

So far, I haven't found anything like that that can be used with VOIP services like Callcentric.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate a direct email.



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