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Advice from anyone on using public wireless hotspots (t-mobile, cometa, etc.). Sometimes these work fine for me; most times not. When they don't work, it appears like I have no DNS server available - web browser can't locate any pages. The hotspot shows up on in my wireless display, I connect to it and (apparantly) get an IP address (as shown by IPCONFIG). But that's as far as it goes. Rebooting doesn't help; nor does resetting the DNS in the properties for tcp/ip to ensure automatic DNS server location. What else can I look at to fix this?

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You can always try a IP addy (

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) which doesn't use DNS. If that works, you can hard code a DNS server and see what happens. For instance, up here in rainy cold Washington, verizone uses,, .4, .5 and .6 . I don't remember the comcast one... Please note that you should be able to use ANY public dns server worldwide IF you have connectivity.

What IP addy is it giving you?


frosty wrote:

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It may be a silly question but do you have a proxy activated?


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