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When I stop at a business several times google maps sends me an email wanting me to review the business. It annoys me that google keeps track of my every move like that. I suppose I could turn off GPS but it seems so many apps need it to work right. Also, I do often use google maps to find businesses, but not the ones its asked me to review. I keep thinking they've got a map of everywhere I go, and it annoys me.

There doesn't seem to be a way in the settings besides turning off GPS to keep google from tracking me. I'm not doing anything illegal but it reminds me of those stories I've heard about big brother watching. Google must be saving incredible amounts of information on everyone who has a phone.

Is there a way I can map out where I've been? That might be interesting. I'm trying to find a way to put a positive spin on this crap. When my kids were younger it could have been useful to know where they went, but now I feel like a kid trying to keep google from tracking me.

The thought of google knowing everywhere I go, how long I'm there, and anything else they can learn doesn't appeal to me.

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dangerous dan
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Check out the Google Dashboard, which has all that an more:

Manage your account:

Manage and delete your Location History

There are programs to download the visualize your location history:

Note that turning off your GPS does little to hide your location. Google knows the location of most public and private wi-fi access points and ethernet connected systems. When you connect, Google records your location. These are often wildly inaccurate, but also steadily improving.

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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks Jeff The tracking history is interesting. Even on days when I don't drive anywhere it shows where I walk on my property, although it's not always accurate. It shows where I've walked far past my property.

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