Firewall Message?

Make and model?

Make and model? If software, operating system and version?

Imagine going into an auto parts store and asking about a problem without offering the slightest clue about what you're driving.

Sounds like either the Windoze XP SP2 firewall, Norton Firewall, or ZoneAlarm. The messages are similar. I'm too lazy to decode which one. Could I trouble you to reveal the winning firewall?

You're close, but not quite.

It means that a machine that has already been assigned an IP address by your router has issued a broadcast packet. It can be an ARP (address resolution protoocl) request, DHCP renewal, some kind of discovery protocol, worms looking for something to attack, spyware on, or some manner of misconfiguration on The station already has an IP address, so it's not a DHCP request.

I like to run my LAN (local area network) essentially as a trusted network, which will allow anything and everything from other computahs and devices on the local LAN. If this is an acceptable mode of operation, I would suggest you say "NO this time only" and then dive into the configuration of your unspecified firewall, and disarm security for the local LAN. The message should then go away by itself.

Whether you want to operate your LAN is this manner is your decision. If you're LAN is inhabited by roaming computahs, such as running an open wireless connection shared with the neighborhood, or you have junior hackers that tend to collect worms, viruses, spyware, etc, this many not be such a great idea. In that case, remove your LAN from trusted status in your firewall configuration, disable "file and print sharing exception" in the XP SP2 firewall, and say "NEVER" to any packets coming from unknown or the kids computahs.

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Jeff Liebermann
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Hi. I've just got a wireless router, and firewall. Every time I boot up, I get the following message from the firewall:

ndis user mode i/o driver has received a broadcast packet from the remote machine Do you want to allow this programme to access the network?

Now, I know that the number is an IP address, and am guessing that this is the router trying to assign one to my pc, as it tries to get on the network. But I don't know, and don't fully understand the message. Anyone know what this means, and whether I should be saying yay or nay? Thanks.

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The Crow

What firewall is it? What OS? Difficult to translate the message otherwise...

Is this the IP of your router? Certainly its in your local network. Maybe its your PC's IP?

If its your router or PC, then yes.

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Mark McIntyre

"The Crow" wrote in news:41a08602$0$528$

Well first off, the wireless NAT router is not a FW appliance. But the NAT router is good enough in the home protection. It has some FW like features at best and maybe SPI.

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If the NAT router had a true FW, then it would be able to do what's in the link.

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It seems that is a private side IP issued by the router. It should be safe.

Duane :)

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