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I have the Netgear Rangemax 240 Wireless Router. Two things I am having problems with this unit.

1) DHCP is not working correctly - I can't get the DNS forwarding to work reliably. I think this is the problem. Using DHCP lately computers on my network seem to lose a connection to the internet quite often. I don't know if this is because I was using more than one PC on the network when the major problems started. It does seem to work better when only one PC is connected at a time but this is only a guess right now. I thought this was do to overheating of the router because even my wired pc lost a connection to the router. I am using comcast cable service. So maybe Comcast is the problem. Right now my Iphone will only connect if I use a Static DNS address. But my wired PC is using DHCP all the way with no problems this morning. 2) I want a router that I can enter exceptions in the Firewall/service blocking to allow only certain ports and to be able to block all other ports from 1-65534. This is not so easy on the Rangemax. I sort of can all up to 7 or 8 entries. Meaning I can leave open only 8 ports.

My brother need to connect to his office via a VPN connection so a good VPN Passthrough setup is a must. Good handling of DHCP and DNS forwarding, plus the Port exception rule as I stated above is a must also.

I think I will have to buy a wireless repeater to go along with this Router. I get very poor reception out in the living room.

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Borderline signals coming from your IP provider could well be the problem. Do you have any problem with your cable TV. If so report this to your provider. They have equipment to measure signal levels. they may even be able to verify the levels remotely. The cable guy showed me how to use the cable box to pull up a screen that gave me ll kinds of info on he conditon of the signal including level and signal to noise of each channel.


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