email lists for sale - updated and cheap.

email lists for sale - updated and cheap. reach thousands of customers with this targeted email list - (web-based) products/services preferred - if you offer web-design, marketing, or services aimed at businesses, this list is a must have. List includes complete contact info - email, phone, address - and URL - this is a powerful marketing tool, take advantage today. Results guaranteed. Only $19.95


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FOAD Scumbag Spammer.


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I did not receive his post through our news server. You have just further promoted this mother fucker by quoting his entire messge including his email address.


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The Email list I want is the true Email addresses of:

1) Every spammer in the known universe.

2) The owner of every bot machine out there.

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William P.N. Smith

"" hath wroth:

Targetted? Well how about this list:

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's a list of the 200 top spammers. Please be sure to target them. Any caliber will do.

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