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I bought a new laptop and got the internet connection. I dont know what but the connection goes off every 10 minutes precisely. It doesn't come back until click on repair option under the network management icon. Please help me in fixing this problem. Is it the problem of the router or its configuration? My wireless is WEP enabled. The worst part is it shows that the wireless is not connected but still I am able to browse the net and I have no problems what so ever but this is only limited to

10 minutes and the message "Unable to connect to Wireless network" pops out and the connection goes off. Then I am not able to browse the net until I click on the repair option. After this it says that Windows could not repair the problem so check this with the person who manges your network. But now I can browse the net as usual for 10 minutes precisely and the same thing returns. Can someone help me fix this? Regards,
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If you have Windoze XP without SP2, then you probably have 802.1x accidentally enabled. That doesn't work as 802.1x will try to authenticate with a non-existent RADIUS server, fail, and then disconnect. The setting is in the properties for the wireless card under "Networks" in the Control Panel. If you haven't installed XP SP2, I would strongly suggest you it and all subsequent Microsoft updates. There are LOTS of bug fixes.

Another possibility is that the broadband router has a timeout set on the cable or DSL connection. If you're system is idle for XX minutes, it disconnects. The setting is usually on the WAN (internet) setup page. I don't think this is the problem but it's worth checking.

If you're still stuck, kindly disclose:

  1. Your router make, model, hardware version, and firmware version. (Yeah, I know it's a pain to dig out all that info but it does help with version specific bugs).
  2. Your operating system, version, and patch level.
  3. Similar descriptions about your new laptop (make, model, wireless card, operating system, versions, etc).
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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks the problem is solved. Actually it was becos I had enabled

802.1x since I dont have SP2. Now it is disabled and i will enable it as soon as i install sp2 updates. Well Merry Christmas
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