DHCP Not Responding

Been using a public wifi connection here for several months, no problem.

Suddenly, I have periods of a day or two that I cannot obtain an auto assigned IP, then just as suddenly it will come back again. Logs show packets are being broadcast to 255.255.etc same as they always have been. But there is no router reply as when I do get assigned an IP.

Quite some time back, prior to this problem occuring, I connected to the router which was available to anyone who connects, no pw. It was set to allow connections from anyone.

I tried using some randomly selected static IPs, but no joy. Running XP. What's the most common cause of this and remedy?

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Lack of a subscription. Pay the man.

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Go visit a library or another place with free WIFI and see if you can reliably connect to to the internet through that site's router. If it does then the manager of the problem site is most likely throttling your laptop due to what they consider over use or possibly where you were browsing to...

Other than that, I would open the access over the WIFI card and verify the antenna cable connector is not loose for some reason.

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