determine computer name thats sharing out wireless

Hi all. If I connect to someone elses wireless network, how can I determine the computer name of the machine thats sharing out their connection?

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Why would you want to know.

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I'll assume Windoze XP Home. If you're using something different, it would be helpful if you would supply enough information to supply a reasonable answer.

There's really no reason to need that info but if you insist, try running: Start -> run -> net view That should list all machines on the LAN with sharing enabled like this:

C:\\junk> view Server Name Remark

-------------------------------------------------- \\\\BLITHER PII-266 \\\\CHOLESTEROL PIII-933 \\\\MICRON PII-600 \\\\AVARICE Bookkeeping The command completed successfully.

If that fails, run: nbtstat -n which should give a bunch of NETBIOS machine names and workgroups.

C:\\junk> nbtstat -n Local Area Connection: Node IpAddress: [] Scope Id: [] NetBIOS Local Name Table Name Type Status --------------------------------------------- CHOLESTEROL UNIQUE Registered CHOLESTEROL UNIQUE Registered WORKGROUP GROUP Registered WORKGROUP GROUP Registered

C:\\junk> nbtstat -r NetBIOS Names Resolution and Registration Stat ---------------------------------------------- Resolved By Broadcast = 3 Resolved By Name Server = 0 Registered By Broadcast = 4 Registered By Name Server = 0

NetBIOS Names Resolved By Broadcast --------------------------------------------- MICRON MICRON MICRON

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Jeff Liebermann

In the router control panel :

- admin area > local network > dhcp client table may tell you which computers have been assigned on the lan with active leases

- wireless mac address > wireless client mac mac list will show you the current wireless clients wrote:

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It might not be a computer, it could be a router, in fact it's most likely a router and besides, why would you want to know that?

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David Taylor

Easier to do:-

ipconfig /all

Then nbtstat -A

Then just pick out the entry with the

The problem with NET VIEW is that it relies on the browser service which through it's basic operation is unreliable, particularly in a multiworkgroup/domain environment in the absence of WINS or cross related entries in LMHOSTS.

Therefore it's far easier to just query the other machines netbios name table.


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David Taylor

That only works if the gateway is a Windoze machine. The original question implied that he's connecting to a computer, but it's more likely that it's really a router. I just tried it point to my BEFW11S4v4 gateway/router and got: C:\\junk> nbtstat -A Local Area Connection: Node IpAddress: [] Scope Id: [] Host not found.

True. Windoze browser service is marginal at best. I just love waiting 12 minutes for updates. You can bypass the browser service by simply pointing directly at the IP addresses. If sharing is enabled, even if there are no open shares, it will show the machine name. Of course, one needs to know the IP address of the target machine first. Start -> run -> \\\\ or Start -> run -> \\\\Netbios_name

Yep, if it's a Windoze machine and not a router.

Incidentally, I use a program called NBTSCAN to search blocks of IP's for machines.

formatting link
works, but it far more complex than I need for simply identifying machines.

C:\\blah> nbtscan

Well, not very interesting because I tore apart my network last night and only have one machine online. Some of the other machines that have firewalls running appear invisible, which is good.

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Jeff Liebermann

Certainly and I also stated in my first post that the machine sharing was most likely to be a router.

I suspect the original question was one with malicous intent.


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