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I would question why an ISP would want to specify my network's internal structure. Particularly, why my router and why only from the ISP?

I would even question specifying a modem, but at least that can't compromise your network.

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Jerry Park
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One of my associates is thinking about getting COVAD DSL. For some reason he does not qualify for Verizon DSL but can get Covad. I notice that on Covad's website that they insist you use their routers. After his DSL in installed can I just go over there and install a wireless network with my extra Linksys WRT54G, or do I have to spring for the extra $$ for Covad's wireless router?

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Why would anyone expect an ISP to support their internal network? The only reason I would call my ISP is to deteremine if their network is down. For example, to determine if the problem is a bad modem or if the equipment servicing my area was down for maintenance, etc.

Besides, one of the first things support will require is that you shut down your network and attach the modem directly to a computer.

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Jerry Park
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At least one issue is support -- it's at best expensive and difficult for an ISP to support customers on every possible router.

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John Navas

Some central offices have Covad DSL termination equipment but not SBC or Vrizon DSL termination equipment. There are also potential differences in the type of DSL. Covad usually uses SDSL while Verizon and SBC use ADSL. That's because SDSL uses a dedicated line, with no POTS (plain old telephone service) while ADSL allows sharing the line with POTS. However, most of the current offerings as ADSL. I strongly suggest your associate investigate exactly what he's getting.

Which service? Covad offers 4 "types" of DSL service with 3 different speed levels. Although I found that they require an "approved" router, I could find no list of approved equipment. There's a list of approved T1 routers but nothing for the DSL. I think your associate had better call Covad and ask what they really want. Where on the Covad web pile does it insist you purchase their equipment? What little I could find shows that they simply require that it be approved by Covad. URL please?

If you purchase an approved router (no wireless) you can add an "access point" to the existing configuration without Covad involvment. An access point can also be a "wireless router" by simply ignoring the router sections. A WRT54G will work just fine as an access point.

I recommend purchasing only an approved ADSL/SDSL modem from Covad or other sources (eBay) depending on the "type" of service. Then, you just add the WRT54G and use it as a "wireless router".

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Jeff Liebermann

I have Covad and I never bought a router/bridge from them. They sell both ADSL and SDSL service and as long as you have a router that can terminate ADSL or SDSL via ATM *AND* provide ppp authentication into their system over ATM, you're good to go. They do not *make* you get the wireless router though, that's an upgrade on the order. Below right off of the website:

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$39.95/mo. with 1 yr contract Standard bridge: $99 Self installation: $0

Select from these options: Standard router: $149* Wireless gateway: $159* Wireless gateway & adapter: $179* Professional installation: $99 * instead of $99 Std bridge

Did they tell you different?


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