Comcast Home Networking - any good?

I have a home PC and a company laptop. Up until now I only used the laptop when I traveled.

I work from home from my PC but the company has issued a new policy saying all company work must be done on company equipment.

I currently have Comcast high speed for my PC.

I need to be able to use the laptop every day without having to unplug the cable from the back of my PC every time, which I'll also be using every day. Also I have physical disabilities which would keep me from being able to fool around with router installations, etc.

From what I've read Comcast Home Networking (with them doing the

installing) sounds like a solution.

What would I need in my laptop for it to work? It already is WiFi ready - but have to admit I've never used and know almost nothing about WiFi. It also has an ethernet port.

Does this sound like the right solution for me?


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Got a walmart near you? They have the linksys wrt54g (not the s) for about $48.. they go right on the comcast modem and give you both wired and wireless connections... You can immediatly use the wired (it's a wap/router, means it has 4 ethernet cable ports on it), (for security you may want to turn off wireless for now), but then as you learn/want to play, you can enable the wireless part (with security), and "cut the networking cord".... Of course there are other types/manufacturers/models, I just happen to have used those with comcast modems, and they are very cheap (have one now that's about $130, but the elcheapo should be fine for what you want to do now, and for learning)....

The comcast home networking is basically a cable modem with wireless built in, but they charge you a monthly fee (they call it rental)... The above is a one time cost, and you own the linksys box....

Info: From

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Equipment, including a Gateway which may be purchased from Comcast or leased at Comcast's standard rates (currently $5 per month) required.

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