Buffalo Wirless Cards


I've got a Buffalo PCI Card WLI-PCI-G54 in my PC and a Buffalo WLI-CB-G54S in my Laptop.

Have had some success with them but does anyone know what the optimum settings are for the Advance Tab in the Card Properties, there are about 15 different items to change, there is nothing in the user manual.

Also whilst trying to update the drivers on the PCMCIA card it has now stopped working completely the power light is on but the Data light is showing no activity.

ipconfig /all reports:

Media State..............Media Disconnected Description..............BUFFALO WLI-CB-G54S Wireless LAN Adaptor Physical Address.....00-07-40-FA-CD-47

Under PCMCIA Adaptors in Device manager the card does not appear not sure if it did when it was working? What does appear is the Texas Cardbus Controller

The only thing I have done is change the Buffalo Driverand change from Client Manager 2.0 to 2.1? I did disconnect the card and then reconnect it whilst the Laptop was switched on, though these things where hot swappable.

Any help with the above would be appreciated Ta

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