bridging 2 buildings 500ft apart


I am new to this, please bear with my ignorance. cable modem to a d-link 614 router. I was thinking of putting a radiolabs booster antenna(500mw). 150 ft run to antenna location on roof, unobstructed view to destination. some kind of antenna there with a 75ft run to destination computer. It has ethernet built in, I hope to use that input for antenna. windows xp pro on both computers.

Is this scenario plausible?

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Not plausible in your current description, but there should be a way to pull it off once you understand more.

1) you need the d-link to be a lot closer to the antenna. A direct connection to it (zero antenna cable) would be best. 2) antennas don't connect to ethernet ports. They connect to wireless devices. Some devices (called bridges or client adapters) will connect to an ethernet port. Others connect to USB ports or PCI slots.


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On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 21:42:01 -0500, ldone1 wrote in :

isn't going to work because the antenna cable is way too long (and expensive). You need to put the radio close to the antenna to minimize cable signal loss, and use Ethernet to connect to your computer(s). For your application and wireless distance I recommend weatherproof radios with directional antennas like those from Engenius/Senao.

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