Connecting Two Homes ~300-yds apart via WiFi

I'm researching if it would work to wirelessly connect my home to my parents' home, which is no more than 300-yards away. Actually, according to Google Maps' distance calculator it's right at 290-yds.

I've done a fair amount of research before coming here, so I'm looking for pointed answers.

Here are the details: My home is ~120yds (open pasture) from a creek that has a fair amount of trees. My parents' home is ~160yds on the other side and slightly elevated, not sure how much, perhaps 20-ft higher than my end. There is not *as much* open pasture between the creek and their side, a few more trees. And not they're not *big* trees, just brushy kinds of trees... ya know, things that grow randomly along a creekside.

As far as line-of-sight, I can *see* their house, inasmuch as I can see when their lights are on and I can discern the color of the house. Since it's *winter* here in Texas (that means it's 70-F outside), there are few leaves on trees, and I don't recall if the same visibility occurs during the summer months (that means the rest of the year). Probably so, but somewhat diminished visibility compared to leaf-less trees.

So... the big question is: will anything work? I'm not made of money, so here's what I was thinking might be the most economical:

I figured I could get 2 of the so-called "cantennas" ('WiFi Antennas-Super Cantenna Wireless Booster Antenna'

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putting one on each end, connected to a wireless bridge on each end.

That's my big plan.

I've rummaged around on the ole internets, and have done Fresnel zone calculations (which made me grouchy), and read plenty of posts describing similar scenarios, but nothing so far that matches my situation, and certainly no one that has categorically stated my idea as an impossibility, but also no one that has said, "yeah, that might work."

I'd prefer to not mount anything on our roofs or on masts or anything, mostly because I'm cheap and lazy, but if that's the only way this is going to work, I might consider it.

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On Thu, 7 Feb 2008 10:48:56 -0500, mpp1031 wrote in :

Probably not. Wi-fi needs clear line of sight, including fresnel zone.

Wireless access point at the other end; wireless Ethernet client bridge at your end.

Masts might work if you can get up high enough to clear the trees.

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John Navas

if you own all the land between the two sites, why not run coax? Or phone line networking. Ok, you'd get less bandwidth - but how fat is your internet pipe?

Or at least, run 70m coax from either end to a PoE powered AP/bridge pair, to shorten the distance you need to cover with wireless.

Jeff will be along at some point to tell us where to find the website to do the calcs...

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Mark McIntyre

Bridging a creek is a pain in the ass. Unstable shores, flooding, etc.

If you own the land then get out the brush cutter and the chainsaw and clear a sufficient line of sight. That's likely to be your least problematic solution.

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