Belkin problem.

Hello all. Have searched for previous messages and haven't found so will have to ask.

running a Belkin F5D7632 router (wired to my desktop) and a F5D7050 USB adapter for the wife's laptop.

Just recently wife's lappy keeps losing the wireless connection. When its there its always "excellent strength" "full strength" (its only about 20 feet from router with 1 wall between) sometimes it will stay active for hours and then other times it will keep disconnecting and reconnecting time after time. Very annoying and of course its my fault. The wife says it is.

I have also noticed that the Belkin wireless program on the lappy is not the main network "organiser?" everything seems to be controlled by the XP networking system.

Any pointers would be gratefully accepted as the laptop and my wife are starting to do my head in.

Many thanks. Alan

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Just to add........

Found the other thread from the 27th.

Have tried different channels. no joy.

ssid's are matching and i have no other networks nearby.

any other ideas appreciated.


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Hi, I keep having the same problem using a F5D7050 usb.... although I also have a laptop with a Belkin pcmcia wireless card and that statys connected all the time. So I'm guessing its the USB adapter.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. It seemed to cure it for a while but still keeps reconnecting, just not as frequently - still about 3 or 4 times per hour though.

It is a recent thing, probably started about 2 weeks ago. At the time, I changed the security on the router to WEP PSK so I thought that was the problem. But my laptop works fine....

If you have any luck, I would be grateful if you could let me know.



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