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I bought a samsung cell phone that can access wml type mobile websites. I was thinking of setting up a free web site that you can go to with a regular computer and set up a profile with just email/ password/state or province/country. From there you input the buoy numbers into any number of buoy profiles, and you get a wml url page that can be accessed from any phone that supports wml to see the current buoy readings. I would store the readings in a database and only screen scrape the actual buoys every hour as needed on demand. Say you could create a buoy profile for Ventura CA. Then from a cell phone you can see the buoys from that area. I was wondering if there'd be much of an interest in a site like that and if the wml type cell phone technology will be around for awhile ... ?

I've not quite seen a site like what I've described, though I have seen marine forcasts and some similar things.

I've done some websites in ruby on rails and have figured out a good way to scrape the buoys sites for the data.

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