About to give up on Wi-Fi

I spend hundreds of dollars on a wireless network only to have a neighbor's $5 made-in-china wireless phone destroy my signal. I live in the 'burbs and the houses are close together. I'm sick of all the interferrence and flaky connections. I'm seriously considering going back to wired. I'll just run the cable along the baseboards and through the walls. It's gonna be a pain to install but at least I'll have a stable connection.

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Try different channels. Try better gear (e.g., MIMO).

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John Navas

"Mike" hath wroth:

The surest sign of success is pollution and unlicensed wi-fi is certainly successful.

You might consider a directional antenna at least on the access point end. It should be aimed in the direction you're working, and away from any neighbors. Try to put a wall or two between you and them. As John Navas suggested, better equipment and a different channel might also help.

If you don't like running new cables, you can also use:

Phone line networking:

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Power Line networking:
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CATV networking:
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Jeff Liebermann

If the neighbor is the only problem, buy him a nice Panasonic 5.8GHz phone at Target or Costco. No Wifi interference.

I bought a Panasonic KX-TG5453 at Costco. This is three handset,

5.8GHz-only. I've always liked Panasonic phones and answering machines. The KX-TG5432M with two handsets, is $108 at Radio Shack.
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