WCCP on ASA & traffic between physical interfaces on ASA


I am trying to get WCCP working on the ASA for WAAS implementation. Here is a simple snapshot of my config: Eth 0/0 : Outside (to internet) Eth 0/1 : Vlan1 ( (trunk port to remote office LAN) Eth 0/1.211 : Vlan211 ( Eth 0/1.212 : Vlan212 ( Eth 0/1.220 : Vlan220 ( Eth 0/2 : WAAS (

I have the site to site tunnel working. I can ping the WAAS device from the other end of the tunnel but I cannot ping it from the network. I have enabled traffic between interfaces on same security level as WAAS and LAN have same security.

I get this error message:

3 Feb 12 2007 17:54:05 305006 portmap translation creation failed for icmp src WAAS: dst LAN: (type 8, code 0)

How can I fix this?

My second question is regarding WCCP on ASA. Here is the WCCP part of the config I have: wccp 61 redirect-list WCCP_To_LAN wccp 62 redirect-list WCCP_To_WAN wccp interface outside 62 redirect in wccp interface LAN 61 redirect in access-list WCCP_To_LAN extended permit ip any access-list WCCP_To_WAN extended permit ip any I am not seeing any packets being redirected to the WAE. I once changed the access lists to 'any any' and I saw some packets but I couldn't ping or telnet to the remote site. Could it be a loop? Is there any way to exclude traffic to avoid loop?

Thanks Ankit

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common guys. someone here can definitely help me.

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