Odd problem with DLink DI-804HV

We have 4 offices connected by VPN.

We had three Sonicwall devices, and one Di-804HV. Each device had three VPN entries to connect to every other device. Everything worked fine.

One of the Sonicwalls died, so we purchased another DI-804HV. We set the same entries up in the new 804HV, but the unit will not talk to the other

804HV unless it is the ONLY VPN entry. As soon as I add the other two entries, it stops working - though the other two entries DO work.

As it stands now, each unit has entries for every other unit, and the Sonicwalls can see and talk to everyone, but the 804HV's cannot talk to each other. I have used both manual key and IKE. No difference. Both are B1 revision hardware.

Oddest effing thing I have ever seen... anyone with advice or experience with this let me know, otherwise the new one gets returned and we pickup a couple Netgear VPN appliances...


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I'm just guessing here:

Is it possible that the old 804 remembers that there should be a different device at the end of the VPN tunnel? Maye some keys have to be re-created on both ends again?

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