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Pls tell me the concept in BICC Protocol?
Bicc protocol is bearer independently , Which can run on SS7 net, ATM, and IP. BICC protocol can run on SS7 net. when Bearer Network Connection Characteristics is SS7 net. What is the meaning of...
hello Can some one let me know how can i call from my PC which is using Lease line (or ADSL) to PSTN line... do i need any hardware installed on my PC .. Thanks Jazz
Upgrade ATA 186 to SIP?
I just bought and ATA 186 and the firmware is the SCCP 3.1. But i want to use it with FWD and need to upgrade to SIP 3.1, how can i do that? I already tried iconnecthere website but it says: "Upgrade...
Hi all, I have been lurking for a while and I wanted to pose this question. I'm looking to setup a VOIP solution for a small office (10-user) as well as support up to 10 more people at home offices. I...
CuPhone- free call to USA, Canada and most country of Asia and Europe
I like CuPhone's VOIP product (USB Phone and Personal Phone Gateway) You can download a free demo software to make free call to USA, Canada and most of country in Asia and Europe. Free
PSTN Gateway with iLBC support
Does anyone have experience with low to moderately priced SIP based PSTN gateways that support iLBC and T1/PRI interface? -Steve
Hardphones with iLBC codec
Does anyone have a list of SIP based IP hardphones that support iLBC? If you can forward me the info I'd appreciate it. -Steve
Voip monitoring software
Hello, I need a tool, preferably low cost or opensource , to monitor voice gateways and neighbor gatekeepers. Can you please recommend any ? Thanks and Regards
FA: Completely unlocked Cisco ATA 186 Will ship WORLDWIDE
As subject, based in UK but will ship worldwide!
AT&T CallVantage Users?
Saw AT&T CallVantage in BestBuy this weekend..., I have not heard a lot about them but the offer sounds good..., Any users out there? Any comments?
Avaya Protocols
What is the protocol used by Avaya IP phones to communicate with the their server, I mean what is the protocol corresponding to Cisco SKINNY in the Avaya world? Regards
Working out costings
Hey Group, Hope you all well? I wonder if somebody could help me or point me in the right direction? At present we have around 1300 phones lines, across 24 sites. Im looking at a VoiceIP system, but...
Open source implementation of STUN client/server?
Hi All, I'm looking for an open source implementation of a STUN client and/or server in Java. Does anyone know if such implementation exists, and where I can find it? Thanks in advance! Best regards,...
need to learn Voip
Being out of work for nearly 3 years, I really need to get back into it.. My background is strictly class4/5 switch related in the call processing and signaling area, testing. I'm noticing more and...
Telus TalkBroadband
I was wondering if anyone has any technical info on Telus' TalkBroadband service in Canada. Is it SIP based and if so can I connect with a SIP (soft or hard) phone instead of their ATA device? And...