VTECH 5.8GHz Base Unit - Wall mounting

Hi Folks, I have just signed up for Vonage, seems like a good service so far. However, I do have one question.

I have the VTECH base unit (see below) and am trying to figure out how I could mount this thing to the wall, and out of the reach of the cat.

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Given that I want to keep the cat:)...has anyone managed to rig up a wall mount for this unit? (The base, not the individual phone chargers) The streamlined shape of the unit has me scratching my head.

Thanks Steven

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Just make a small shelf. There are any number of different ways to mount a shelf on a wall. Angle brackets at an 'ell' would probably be the simplest. Or look for a small glass shelf, perhaps even for a corner.

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Bill Kearney

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