How Improve "Mean Opinion Score"?

I had VoIP for a while, and the quality was OK but not great. For a variety of reasons (not related to the quality) I cancelled that service.

Now I'm thinking about the cost savings (yes, I checked it out, it does save me money), and thinking about it again.

Qwest OneFlex (which is pretty pricey, I probably won't use them) has a Java applet that measures my connection and spits out a "Mean Opinion Score". Yes, I realize it's mostly a guesstimate, but it's reasonable - it calculated my MOS at somewhat worse than "Mobile phone call quality".

It also gave me the test details showing me where the signal degredation was coming from. It was evenly split between the codec, latency, and packet discards. Round-trip latency was about 400 ms.

So now what? Is there any way to take these results and make a plan for increasing my signal quality? Is there a way to look at these results and say (1) it's my DSL provider's fault, or (2) I'm using the wrong VoIP router, or (3) ...?

Is there a way to tell whether it's possible that a different VoIP provider might give better signal quality?

Thanks! C

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Chris Shearer Cooper
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