Get FREE VoIP software with professional technical support!

Dear Sirs,

Have you ever had an opportunity to get a VoIP software for FREE?

There is a unique proposal to have voip software installed on your servers not paying for it. We offer our professional services like technical support, training and consulting giving you the software for free. You can choose from wide range of voip solutions for

- wholesale voip business (MVTS, MVTS II, Nextone)

- calling cards business (VoiceMaster, SysMaster, PortaOne, TalkingSIP, VoipSwitch)

- callshops /Internet café (Dialexia, TopPhone, First Contact, FlexFone)

- callback services (VoiceMaster, SysMaster, VoipSwitch)

- residential VoIP services (Norfa, PortaOne Switch)

- IP TV services (VoiceMaster, SysMaster)

- wireless services (RBS Wireless Billing, SysMaster solution)

- PC2Phone services (SJ Phone, XTEN Eyebeam, Mirial Pro)

- Call Centre and Contact Centre (Televantage IP PBX and Call Centre, Signate IP PBX) and other.

We install the software on your server(s) and take care of all technical issues. All you need is pay for our support and keep the server turned on.

Think about the advantages of our proposal:

- you don?t pay for the software, i.e. save a lot of money you can invest in good hardware,

- you have a team of professional engineers, who maintain your software and keep it up and running ? no need to hire engineer at your side,

- you can stop your business anytime you want ? there is no binding to expensive software and money you spent on it.

Don?t hesitate to contact me at to ask any questions.

We are looking forward to working with you.

With kind regards, Roby Santos MSN: Yahoo ID: ipmiracle


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So it's NOT really free at all, and YOU are a STUPID FUCK spamming jerkwad.

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