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BillBery supports prepaid and postpaid billing models, including prepaid calling cards, Caller-ID (ANI) based billing, switch partitioning, and, among other features, dynamical routing of calls.

BillBery can be used as a multi-purpose billing system, suitable for wholesale business, callshop networks, retail systems.

BillBery offers rich-featured web-based interface and unparalleled performance, possesing the ability to effortlessly calculate over 300 million call records per month.

Major features

  • Compatibility Reliable Billing Solution for MERA MVTS, Cisco, Nextone, Quintum, Sansay, Asterisk gateways * Billing Scenarios Pre- and postbilling, wholesale and retail, calling cards and callshops, custom VoIP billing solutions * Performance & Integration Up to 600 million calls per month, multiplatform support, RADIUS, CDR files processing * Dynamic Routing Quality, LCR, proportional and custom algorithms supported for Mera MVTS * Analytics and Reporting Wide range of powerful report and statistics analysis tools * Rates Management Powerful import tool, decision support system, rates analysis * Customers and Resellers Customers, resellers and agents relations management * Interface and usability Convenient user friendly web-interface

We provide full installation, at some extra fee you can order tech support, configuration of your system per your requirements. Quick problem resolving, professional attitude!

You can contact me via email or msn : mera2solutions (@) to ask any questions! Gmail: mera2solutions (@)

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: Are you, guys, the official representatives or dealers of BillBery? It doesn't look like it... Is JeraSoft Development aware of you? You are not listed even in the official distributors' list of BillBery's website. You might have been fraud companies who are spreading PIRATED and LIMITED BillBery license!

So, be aware! These guys are not who they are trying to pretend. "...Fraud dealers usually contact you from free mail services like gmail, hotmail, aol, etc. and suddenly disappear when you perform a payment", - BillBery's representative Alex Miller said

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P.S. I will report this to JeraSoft authorities because illegal BillBery distributi> * Billbery - VOIPBilling Software *


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