VOICEMASTER Trouble-shooting, support, fixing, upgrades

Dear Sirs,

We have been working for VM2000 and SM7000 dedicated support for more than

10 years. We know VM and SM total configuration, can deploy the following solutions:

? VM 8.0 ? SM 3.0.5 ? UniMaster management system (for easy remote management at colocation) ? UniBox (VM + SM deployed on a single server) ? UniSwitch ? Megaswitch ? IPTV ? Norfa (IP PBX)


- Calling cards

- Wholesale

- Pc-to-phone

- Callshop

- Callback (ANI, DID, SMS, WEB, PIN)

- Softswitch LCR

- Voicemail,

- PBX/IP centrex,

- Conference call,

- Virtual Fax

- Call waiting

- Call Fraud blocking,

- CRM and Toll Free numbers setup


- Wireless

- DID management


- And others

Customization and development of softphones: SIP desktop dialer SIP web dialer H323 desktop dialer H323 web dialer

We can setup the system on your servers at your premises on advanced payment term or on our servers at colocation on monthly rental term.

Among the services we provide are: ? Configuration, professional support and trouble-shooting services ? Norfa configuration ? Upgrades of old version Voicemaster up to the latest version. ? Softphones development for PC/Web-to-phone services ? Callback configuration ? Adding new features and possibilities to the existing ones ? Consulting & Project development ? CRM customization and web programming services ? VM, SM migration to new colocation, servers ? Backup services

That?s not the full list of the products we can supply and services we can do, so please do not hesitate to send me your exact requirements and we?ll be glad to help you.

Best regards, Merlin Mayer e-mail: merlin.mayer(at)gmail.com MSN: snipped-for-privacy@vfemail.net Yahoo: merlin_mayer

------------------------------------- Turnkey solutions available:

- Calling cards,

- Pc-to-Phone,

- Callback (ANI, DID, PIN, Web, SMS),



- VoIP Termination,

- Virtual office,

- Callshop,

- SMS Content Distribution,

- Hosted solutions,

- DID management

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