Free (beer | speech) SIP PBX servers?


Since the free beer Axon PBX I'm using to build an SIP PBX server is missing a feature that I need (namely, include a user in a group extension although he's registered on a remote commercial VoIP provider so as to be notified of calls on his GSM cellphone), I need to look at alternatives.

Besides the following, do you know of free beer/speech softwares to build a PBX server?

- Asterisk (Windows version too old)

- sipXPBX (Linux only)

- SIP Express Router (SER)

- Brekeke (SIP server free for personal use; PBX server commercial; Java)

- Yate (Linux, Windows; Status?)

- FreeSwitch (Status?)

- uCasterisk (Status?)

- Bayonne (Status?)

- PBX4Linux (Status?)

- YXA (Status?)

- OpenPBX (Status?)

Thank you.

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Vincent Delporte
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