Help? Getting audio out of a AT&T E5862BC cordless telephone answering machine. [Telecom]

Hello -

I own an AT&T E5862BC cordless telephone answering machine... a base station and two handsets.

On the recording side of the machine are messages from a passed parent. It's the only record of my mother's voice in existence. I would very much like to get it off the machine before something bad happens and it disappears.

AT&T Telephone has been useless.

There is no jack on the base station. Putting a tape recorder up to the microphone produces garbage quality audio. The handsets, however, are a different story. The audio sounds better.

I've tried a Radio Shack pickup coil. No success, not a peep.

There is a headset jack. Picked up a 2.5mm plug, got out the scope, and turned on the handset, fully expecting to see something looking like dialtone.


Got out the voltmeter and checked the leads. Oh, there's voltage on both the microphone and speaker lines. Maybe it needs a real load.

I must be slow or something.. because this information should be out there somewhere.. but I'm probably typing the wrong keywords into Google.

Does anyone know the resistances of a headset?

Your time is appreciated.


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Take the cover off, run the output to the speaker through an appropriate resistor divider pair to get approx 1vpp, run that into whatever recording device you have.

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Um, at risk of being overly simplistic I'd suggest you call your number from another phone and record it from there. Or, did I miss something here?



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A reasonable option...IF....the answering machine has a remote access function.

I can't help but think that the headset jack would work......if you get the right plug and connect to the right two wires.

I'd also think that just recording into another device via microphone would work (with some loss of quality) but experimenting with playback volume and mic positioning might be required.

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Who Me?

Take a look here and see if any of these adapters might work for you

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I found the manual online. To quote:

"At the handset, voice messages are played through the speakerphone. If you prefer to listen privately, you can press SPEAKER to switch to earpiece playback."

So, apparently the ear jack only works when you press the speaker switch.

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David Kaye

Oh, and here's a link to the manual:

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