Re: Why no Name With Caller ID Number?

njem wrote to ask:
Subject: Why no Name With Caller ID Number?
> Date: 12 Sep 2006 16:31:12 -0700
> The phones I've had and those of some friends all just show a number
> for caller ID but not a name. On my home phone these same callers will
> show with name and number. Is it certain phones, or certain services,
> or the whole cell/mobile system that drops the name? And why? Caller
> ID loses most of its value when the name is dropped.
Dumb Question: Are they paying for Caller ID with name? Some phone
companies have two levels of caller id, one is number only, the other
name and number. Rogers cellular makes the name option extra $$$ over
just the number.
Also, some of the 1st caller id phones aren't capable of displaying
name and number Nortel Maestro leaps to mind.
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