Summary of New NPA Codes (NANP) in Recent Years

Here is a summary of new NPA codes in the NANP in recent years,

2002 thru 2006+, showing the "official" date of activation, the geographic/jurisdiction affected, the old and new codes, and the type of NPA Relief.

The 1995 through 2001 time period was the most active with new NPAs, with anywhere from 13 to 43 new NPAs taking effect in a calendar year. Since then, things have slowed down, more-or-less to what new NPA activity was back in the 1980s and early 1990s (prior to 1995).

The indicated date is the "official" date of permissive dialing in the case of a split (or "official" date of incorporation into the NANP in the case of American Samoa, when NANP-dialing procedures offiicaially became permissive) rather than the mandatory date of the split...

or in the case of an overlay, when new NXX could "officially" begin to take effect under the new overlay NPA code. In overlays, the date indicated is NOT the date when (1+) ten-digit dialing (officially) became permissive, nor is it the date when (1+) ten-digit dialing was supposed to become mandatory, nor even the date when new NXX actually began to take effect in the new overlay NPA, but rather the date when new NXX could "officially" begin to take effect in the new overlay NPA. There are some situations where the new overlay NPA is "officially in effect", yet there are still no active "POTS" central office codes assigned/active in the new NPA! (See footnotes below).

-------------------------------------------------- Day-Dt-Mon-Year St/Pr/Terr Old New Relief-Type

-------------------------------------------------- TUE-01-JAN-2002 OH 419 567 OVERLAY TUE-15-JAN-2002 IN 219 574 3-way-split TUE-15-JAN-2002 IN 219 260 3-way-split SAT-19-JAN-2002 AR 501 479 split MON-11-FEB-2002 FL 561 772 split MON-11-MAR-2002 FL 941 239 split SAT-13-JUL-2002 MI 616 269 split TUE-01-OCT-2002 MI 248 947 OVERLAY (*)

-------------------------------------------------- SAT-05-APR-2003 TX 915 432 3-way-split SAT-05-APR-2003 TX 915 325 3-way-split MON-28-APR-2003 TX 903 430 OVERLAY

-------------------------------------------------- SAT-17-JUL-2004 CA 909 951 split SAT-02-OCT-2004 Am.Samoa (011) 684 new-to-NANP

-------------------------------------------------- MON-18-APR-2005 MS 601 769 OVERLAY (*) SAT-01-OCT-2005 Dom.Rep. 809 829 OVERLAY

-------------------------------------------------- TUE-16-MAY-2006 GA 706 762 OVERLAY (*) SAT-26-AUG-2006 CA 310 424 OVERLAY SAT-21-OCT-2006 ON/Canada 519 226 OVERLAY SAT-11-NOV-2006 PQ/Canada 514 438 OVERLAY

-------------------------------------------------- SAT-17-MAR-2007 IL 815 779 OVERLAY ???-??-???-2007? IL 630 331 OVERLAY


(*) Overlay NPAs which have been delayed in having active

(Oct.2002) 947 overlay to 248 MI didn't have any POTS 947-NXX until April 2005.

(Apr.2005) 769 overlay to 601 MS didn't have any POTS 769-NXX until August 2006.

(May 2006) 762 overlay to 706 GA doesn't yet have any POTS 762-NXX codes as of 2nd-Half 2006, and probably won't have any such 762-NXX POTS for several years to come!

Additionally, in 2001, NPAs 878 PA overlaying 412 & 724, and 470 GA overlaying 404/770/678, became "officially effective", yet to date, there are still no NXX in these two new 2001 overlay NPA codes.

2002 had only EIGHT new NPA codes taking effect 2003 had only THREE new NPA codes taking effect (all in Texas) 2004 had only TWO new NPA codes taking effect (CA, Am.Samoa) 2005 had only TWO new NPA codes taking effect (MS, Dom.Rep; OVERLAYS) 2006 has only FOUR new NPA codes taking effect (GA/CA/ON/PQ; OVERLAYS)

2007 will have probably only TWO new NPA codes taking effect, both in Illinois: 779 overlaying 815, and MOST LIKELY 630 will be overlaid with 331 before the end of the year.

POSSIBLE future Area Code activity for 2008/2009/2010/etc: CT 203/475 overlay re-activated CT 860/959 overlay re-activated NE 402/531? split? overlay? WV 304/681? split? overlay? UT 801/385 split? overlay? NM 505/575 split? overlay? IL 217/751? overlay IL 618/730 overlay IL 309/ ?? overlay? split? IL 708/464 overlay IL 312,773 / 872 overlay IN 812/930? overlay? split? KY 270/ ?? split? overlay? OK 580/359? split? overlay? AR 870/327? split? overlay? PA 814/ ?? split? overlay? WI 920/ ?? split? overlay? NH 603/ ?? split? overlay?

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The other day, I posted:

(snipped out more text and the chart of the 2002-07 time period)

NOTE that the overlay code to IL 217, possibly in 2009, will NOT be 751 afterall, but will be 447, as mentioned in a followup post to another recent thread I started. The Illinois Commerce Commission decided to go with

447 rather than 751, and NANPA has agreed to change the reservation and now assignment.

NANPA's website,

formatting link
in the "NPA Reports" section for "NPA Codes NOT yet in Service" also now indicates the future IL 217/447 overlay.

Mark J. Cuccia markjcuccia at yahoo dot com Lafayette LA, formerly of New Orleans LA, pre-Katrina

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