Ernest Telecom D1 Payphone

Hi Everyone:
Does anyone know if Ernest Telecom still has a working email address? I
just received an Ernest Telecom 7D1 payphone, and am looking for a
manual for it. Even a manual for a 7D3 might help. I emailed the two
email addresses on their site, and had both emails returned as user
Is there a source for configuration software other than their $400
software whcih will work with this phone? The phone is for demonstration
use in my telephone museum, and will not be used for revenue use.
The phone does work, but I would like to be able to change some of its
configuration defaults. I just can't justify spending the sum they want
for their software just for one time, non commercial use to change the
Also, though this phone has never been used, its display has suffered a
whack at some time, and is only visible across part of its width. Has
anyone parted out one of these?
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Dave Hunter
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I found their website and on it a parts list for their pay phones
formatting link
. Try the 'Contact Us' link on their website to e-mail them. Perhaps in your situation they could allow you to use their software at a reduced/no cost.
Good luck!
Dave Hunter wrote:
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